Transfer to UPJS Medical University

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Transfer to UPJS Medical University

Transfer, what actually means?

The term “transfer”, is used when a student wishes to change university.

The normal procedure for someone who wish to change university is through admission exam.

What actually is admission exam?

Admission exam, is a written multiple choice test, in Chemistry and biology. 

Which students have to take the admission exam?

Most of the universities request the admission exam to be taken from students who wish to start as fresh students, but also for the ones who wish to change university.

UPJS Medical University

Upjs medical University in kosice, till 2016, was requiring from all the students who wished to study there (new comers or transfers), to take the admission exam.

For the academic year 2017/2018, though, offer also the possibility to transfer without admission exam.

To do so, you have to get a confirmation from your former university, that the time you apply, you are still a student and have fulfilled all the conditions stated by your university to continue in the next academic year.

Students whose studies are interrupted or terminated will have to take the admission exam test.

University of Jofez pavel Safarik (UPJS), accepts transfers up to 5th year of General Medicine and Dentistry.

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