Bsc study programs

  • 1. Automated Electrical Systems
  • 2. Automotive Electronics
  • 3. Electrical Power Engineering
  • 4. Physical Engineering of Advanced Materials
  • 5. Business Informatics
  • 6. Informatics
  • 7. Intelligent Systems
  • 8. Computer Modeling
  • 9. Computer Networks
  • 10. Industrial Electrical Engineering

The standard length course is three years (6 semesters).

The course operates on a winter and summer semester system.

Each semester last 12 weeks followed by a six week examination period.

Based on the European Community Courses Credit Transfer System (ECTS) the total for each year of study corresponds to 60 credits.

Each BSc program consists of relatively fixed curricula which are taken during specific semesters and years.

The program is composed of obligatory and elective subjects.

The portion of electives is highest in the final year of study.

The minimum requirement for a Bachelor of Science degree is to gain 180 credits

  • 3 years studies
  • 5000€/ academic year 
  • Title obtained: BSc.
  • Capacity: 60 students/ year
  • Admission: Finished secondary school
  • Possibility to transfer from another university: Yes

FREQUENT ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

First of all, you have to contact us.
We will help you with the whole process of the submission.
The application procedure ends 31/05 for candidates from non-eu countries and 31/07 for EU.
Fees are paid directly to University's bank account.
For candidates from non-eu countries the fees are paid in advance, in order the university to arrange the acceptance of the candidate, so he/she will manage to obtain visa
The enrollments take place around start of September. Semester starts end of September
The university accepts transfers students. From Eu or Non-Eu countries.
The year you will be admitted, depends of your transcript and syllabus from your current university.
None institute in Slovakia offers scholarships for foreign students
By university law, the candidate who will pay the fees but will not complete his/hers enrollment to the university, can request his/hers money back.
In case though, that the candidate will complete the enrollment, there is no refund policy.

Required documents for the admission

  • • Completely filled-in Application form
  • • Photocopy of the Passport/ID
  • • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – in English
  • • 4 passport-sized photographs (3.5 x 4.5)
  • • Copy of a language certificate (Except for students whose native/official language is English or who have undertaken high school or university studies in English.)
  • notary verified copy of your secondary school leaving certificate with apostille as well as transcript of your academic record
  • • Recommendation Letter (from the previous school or workplace, etc.)
  • • Medical certificate